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3 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Marketing Team

Everyone is being motivated in different ways, but in a workplace, a good team leader should consider creating a friendly, harmonious and bright atmosphere to get back the team’s spirit and properly motivate their members. Here are three effective ways to motivate your marketing team.

1. Treat each member uniquely

Each member of the marketing team is an individual who has its character, mood, opinion and a way to be motivated. So, consider that your team members are all unique individuals and in case of motivating them, you should carefully learn their behaviour, communicate and listen to them, and then decide what approach will be better to motivate them.

One employee would become motivated from new professional training, another one would be motivated after reading you matter quotes sent by a team leader and the third one will strive a day outside of the country to become fully motivated. As they are individuals, the motivation comes from very different places and different ways. So communicate with your team members often, to know them well and understand how to motivate them when needed.

2. Set goals and celebrate wins

A lack of motivation might be a sign of a lack of direction. You can only be motivated and motivate your marketing team if there’s something to accomplish together. Set clear goals and objectives to your team so they can work together, find all the solutions together and reach the final result by making a goal accomplished. If you have successfully accomplished a great project of creating a marketing strategy for SEO agency in Sydney, celebrate it together in a special way to always remember.

If it’s a one time project or a weekly task that should be done on tight deadlines, you should represent it in the form of a goal, so the team will become more motivated to end it soon and celebrate a win with a team. Celebrating wins also motivates the team, as they feel themselves as a part of something big and a prospective of results really fill them with energy. Reward your team after wins, appreciate each member and celebrate it together to make every goal accomplishment a long-awaited event.

3. Organize team building activities

Working is important, setting goals even more, but marketing team members are human beings who sometimes want to relax and just spend fun time together. Organize team building days frequently, and decide what you want to do all together. Go to the countryside, to dancing, entertaining places and others.

The main purpose is to spend time with team members outside of the working environment, which will give a chance to get to know each other better, become friends and improve understanding. It will have its impact on the working process too, as team building makes members closer, so working together will become more fun and easier.


Motivation is the key point in every working environment. If an employee is motivated, he or she will work with a huge enthusiasm, high productivity and will show good results. That means if you are leading a marketing team, which is a creative working type, you should be sure that your team members are motivated properly, and by communicating and spending time together, you’ll know them better and motivating them will become easier, also don’t forget to bring these three most effective ways to successfully motivate your team.

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