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4 Interesting Facts About Airport Parking

Airport parking is a convenient option for many people accessing air travel. Most people assume airport parking is no different from other types of parking options, but there are actually many unique things about these lots. Here are four interesting facts about airport parking.

1. Airport Parking Lots Are Convenient

Parking lots that work with airports are designed to be as convenient for travelers as possible. For example, according to this PHL airport parking website, there is a shuttle that picks travelers up from both locations and takes them to the airport. The locations are close enough to the airport that the shuttle trip averages about two minutes in length. Convenience is key for this type of business because so many travelers are seeking quick, easy assistance and transport while preparing for a relatively stressful type of travel.

2. Airport Parking Services Are Secure

Most people who utilize airport parking are going to leave their cars in those lots for days at a time. For this reason, a lot’s parking management team works to ensure the lot and the cars parked there are as secure as possible. These lots are surrounded by fences, with gates and security checkpoints that bar unauthorized entry in order to protect cars from theft, damage and vandalism.

3. Airport Parking Comes in Six Main Types

Parking at and around airports is not limited to those who are leaving their cars behind while they fly. There are also options for those dropping people off or renting cars, for example. The six main types of airport parking options are car rental lots, on-site long-term parking, off-site long-term parking, short-term parking, cell phone lots and drop-off and pick-up zones. Different types of parking are useful for different needs.

4. Airport Parking Managers Keep up With Technology

Airport parking has evolved to keep up with technology. You can pre-book a spot in a lot with online or app-based booking, check whether there are spots open in lots near the airport and contact the lot’s management with your phone. Security features are constantly being improved as well. In the future, many lots may choose to incorporate features to accommodate electric cars, autonomous cars and more public transportation options.

When you park at or near an airport, you have several options available to you, depending on your particular needs and interests. It may not be necessary for everyone, but it’s an excellent option for many.

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