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A Complete Guide to Sharp Eye Surfboards

You’re finally prepared to buy the surfboard you’ve always wanted. But there’s so much to choose from that it’s overwhelming. Is a rounded or a sharp nose more your style? Which surfboard is better: one designed for novices or one that can handle surfers of all skill levels?

If you don’t know what you’re doing while choosing a surfboard, you can end up spending too much. This article shares the greatest insider advice for selecting the surfboard of your dreams and teaches you how to buy a surfboard that fits your budget and demands. There are a few things to think about first.

The ideal surfboard length for float and performance

The length of the surfboard, expressed in feet and inches, measured from tail to nose. The length of a board impacts its overall volume, which in turn affects how efficiently it paddles, catches waves and floats. Sharpeye surfboards typically feature longer boards with better float, the ability to catch waves and also paddle better. All the best surfers in the world ride boards made by this well-known and reliable brand.

Proper Size Surfboard Rocker

In order to be on the same level as the curve of a steep wave, Sharp boards have strong rockers, which makes them more curved. Less rocker is on small wave boards to give the board more room to manoeuvre while riding a slower wave.

Ideal Shape for a Surfboard

The sides of the boards are the rails. They impact how the board manoeuvres on the wave’s face and slices through the water. The rails on longboards are referred to as fifty-fifty rails, which means that the curvature is distributed equally on both sides. The board has plenty of hold and motion as a result. On the other side, high-performance boards like Sharp have what’s referred to as 60-40 rails and have significantly lowered rails. Because of this, the board has a lot of traction on a very steep incline.

Surfboard Nose Shape for Performance

More than everywhere else, differences in nose shape can be realised on the board drop. A wider nose provides more volume and planning area for riding significantly smaller waves whereas a narrow nose is designed to fit in small pockets and handle steep drops. Sharp boards now gather volume to the small form as part of a more modern approach to nose designs.

Sharp surfboard’s tail

A board’s tail shape has an impact on how it picks up waves and holds onto the wave face. There exist numerous different kinds of tails, such as squash, swallow, pintails. Sharp has perfected the perfect designs for the tails to allow maximum performance.

Surfboard width for performance that is ideal

Another element that affects a board’s overall volume is width. Despite widths being far above 12 inches, a surfboard’s width is always in inches. A board has more float and paddle power the broader it is. Sharp boards offer a lot of widths to suit an individual surfer’s style.

Right Surfboard Thickness

The thickness of your surfboard is the next component that affects its volume. The thickness indicated on your board’s specifications is the thickest part of the board. The sharpeye surfboard has the perfect thickness to have more movement speed when surfing.

Each surfboard is unique. Each board comprises elaborate elements that rival even the most complex works of art. Due to the shaper’s initial intent for the board and the way their concept was carried out, every board has a distinct feel.

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