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Advantages of a Good Sugarcane juicer Machine

Because a geared motor drives it to extract the juice, the machine benefits a company by making work easier. The extraction process is faster than manual extraction, which may be inefficient due to worker’s fatigue or loss of concentration, resulting in poor quality. The juice is extracted from sugarcane by pressing the canes through stainless steel rollers.

This article mainly focuses on some of the benefits of a good sugarcane juicer.

When dealing with food products, you must thoroughly research what is expected from a good food machine, such as a sugarcane juicer.

These are some of the advantages of the juicer;

1. Safe and easy to operate

The product is well covered, hence an assurance of the least possibility of contamination. Anyone should run the machine even without prior knowledge, experience about the machine or little guidance. It is very important because, if at any point you keep changing your staff, there will be little work when it comes to training them.

2. Relatively low maintenance cost

Many machines require frequent lubrication, which results in high maintenance costs. This machine, however, does not require frequent lubrication, which means more savings are made. Quality bearing, engine (motor) and related parts are used, which makes its durability admirable hence little or low maintenance.

3. Low power bills

Sugarcane juice machine consumes very low power. It should be one of the factors to be considered before settling for any machine. Ultimately, you earn more money (profits) and spend less.

4. Ease of cleaning

The machine is modeled to ensure thorough cleaning is done without any difficulties. You will not require any inconvenient tools to perform this task. The parts also prevent dirt or micro-organisms from adhering to the machine, causing contamination of the juice.

5. A well-built-in waste bin

The bin provided ensures that no littering is done around the production area. One needs to know the importance of a clean production area. The waste attracts micro-organisms which in turn pose a health hazard to consumers. All these are avoided hence the production of quality juice.

6. Reverse button

If any need arises, there should be a reverse button that you can use to remove the cane. It will prevent possible accidents in terms of health or physical injuries.

7. Emergency button for stopping the machine

It would be best if you assured the safety of the workers during the production period. An emergency button should be present to ensure whenever the need arises and take swift action.

8. Easy to move around

The machine has small wheels to move around easily if needed. It reduces the carrying around of machines which may result in accidents, either physical or damage to the machine due to hitting it.

The following are some of the factors to look into before purchasing this machine;

1. Workability

Check out how the machine works and become acquainted with it.

Before taking it home, always read the manufacturer’s instructions. There are various machines that extract varying amounts of sugarcane.

Choose the one that best suits your budget or your business. There are machines with low-quality rollers that cannot press the sugarcane to completion. Always keep an eye out for the machine’s materials.

2. Portability

A portable machine is one that can be moved from one location to another via small wheels. It is the best option because it makes cleaning easier. Simply move the machine to clean the surface.

When it comes to services, one can simply transport the machine to the location of service or to the vehicle that will transport it to be serviced. Work is made easier by portable machines.


This machine serves several functions. As a result, reading this article before purchasing the device will be extremely beneficial.

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