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Buy All Barbecue Products, Tools, and Accessories in Bundle Discount from BBQs 2u

BBQs 2u is famous all over the UK as the best barbecue retailer. Their exclusive product range includes the best grills and ovens from renowned brands. Before launching any new brand, the business owner uses the product personally to ensure it is compatible with the UK climatic conditions. That is the level of trust customers have with the retailer.

The retailer is known for selling brands like Masterbuilt, Ooni Pizza ovens, Kamado Joe & Napoleon BBQs UK. They keep in mind barbecue lovers of all age groups. if they have traditional dome-shaped Kamado Joe for old pals, the company also sells digitally organised Masterbuilt Gravity series and Napoleon brand.

Napoleon BBQ

  • Everything about Napoleon is stylish and practical.
  • This grill is composed of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it not only beautiful to look at but also simple to clean.
  • This barbecue is very unlikely to cause a flare-up since the sear plates are arranged across two layers, which helps to remove any grease that may drip from the surface.
  • Additionally, it prevents food build-up and keeps the area clean.
  • Also, there are tool hooks and a detachable storage basket, making everything you might need to help you while grilling readily available.

Kamado Joe BBQ

  • Kamado is known for its traditional dome shape.
  • The thick ceramic walls retain the heat keeping the meat fresh and moist inside.
  • The trays are easily removed helping in keeping the oven clean.
  • The lid is easy to handle and lightweight, unlike other barbecues.
  • The plastic handles at the side make it easy to carry them to any place, but this is convenient only for the smaller models like the Classic series.
  • There are variants in Kamado Joe – Classic I, II, and III as well as the Big Joe I, II, and III.
  • The Classic models are for smaller groups while the Big Joe is for large gatherings.

Some of the customers have been with BBQs 2u as long as the business started. It is not only about buying grills or ovens one time, but the retailer knows that customers would need related accessories like BBQ tools, rubs and sauces, thermometers, Kamado space, and smoking accessories like the Kamado Big Block XL Lumpwood Charcoal 9Kg.

Not only is the Kamado Joe Big Block XL Lump Charcoal considerably bigger, but it also burns faster, tastes better, and produces better smoke. BBQs 2u’s selection of premium fuels and tools, which have been refined for reliability and consistent quality, make it simple to light and flavour Kamado Joe.

BBQs 2u also ensures that the product reaches their customers in good condition. Therefore, they enclose the bag in a box. So that even if the bag tears open due to pressure the lump-wood charcoal remains in one place.

BBQs 2u also ensures that they don’t disappoint their customers at any cost. Therefore, they maintain transparency with their customers about the product by updating news, deals, and offers online on their social media page. Internet users and barbecue lovers can check their Instagram account to remain updated. Their customers also leave no chance in appreciating their hard work and dedication, which was seen even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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