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Comic Creator Shows How Creatives Can Help The World Around Them

Being a creative person isn’t always a rewarding experience. For example, some people may write books for years without getting published. Others may feel like their work doesn’t positively affect those around them in any way. Comic writer Geoff Johns is looking to change that perception.

That’s because he’s not only releasing a new comic in his acclaimed “Unnamed Universe” series but is accomplishing something positive with this release. He and partner Gary Franks partnered with a homeless veterans charity to raise money to help those in this challenging situation.

What Are These Two Doing to Help?

Johns and Franks are releasing “Junkyard Joe,” a fascinating new comic in their “Unnamed Universe” series that adds a robotic character caught between worlds. Originally a Vietnam War robot, Joe survives to the “Unnamed War” as a beacon of what America once was before devastation.

The excitement and hype around this comic are already so big that Johns and Franks decided to do something positive by pairing with a homeless veterans’ association. They’ll release a limited edition of the first “Junkyard Joe” issue that will send all profits directly to this organization to support those in need.

For Johns, the connection between Joe and veterans was obvious. Like veterans, Joe is a displaced character that seems to have no place to call home. While real-life veterans suffer more than this robotic character, the connection is too apparent for him and Franks not to notice.

Just as importantly, Johns felt like this comic was a great vehicle for discussing this topic. While it has a rather bleak and challenging worldview, Johns and Franks hope to bring a sense of fun and excitement to readers, one that can enlighten them while entertaining them. Johns says:

“Although the first issue of Junkyard Joe set in the middle of the Vietnam War and depicts graphic violence in the jungles, the majority of the story takes place today. In the present. Ultimately, it’s a hopeful, fun and action-packed comic book, which I think readers will be surprised by, that builds the next block of the Geigerverse.”

Hope is something that many in the veterans’ community may lack. However, by buying the limited-edition copy of this book and helping to raise some money, you can bring some light to their life and do your part to help solve this problem. But why exactly did these two decide on this fundraising path?

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Why The Two Chose This Cause

The homeless veteran problem is something that few people fully understand. That’s because it doesn’t get as much attention on the news as other issues and often gets buried in the process. Tragically, this means that sounds of homeless veterans stay that way and don’t get the chance to improve their lives.

By supporting this group, Johns and Franks hope to help veterans who need it. For example, they hope that veterans with PTSD can get the treatment necessary to get back on their feet. PTSD can be a devastating psychological problem that proper treatment may help manage effectively.

Furthermore, the two hope that they can raise awareness of this issue. While general homelessness remains a hot-button issue, too few people are talking about its impact on veterans. In this way, veterans could be considered the “lost homeless population” or one that most have forgotten.

Johns and Franks, as grandsons of World War II veterans, found this lack of attention disturbing. They hope their focus can help other creators find beneficial causes to support. Even if they don’t come out to help homeless veterans, they can help with many other causes as well.

What Creatives Can Learn From This Act

It’s this kind of ambition to help that can help creative people feel better about their roles. Storytellers like Franks and Johns provide the myths that build our society and help connect us. Who doesn’t love getting around the TV to watch the newest comic book movie unfold on the screen?

Superheroes are our society making new myths and building new stories to share with their children. Johns and Franks hope that comics like “Junkyard Joe” can contribute to this myth creation and that their charitable acts inspire other creators to step up their game a little.

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