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CWhat You Need to Know about RPL for Certificate in Work Health and Safety (WHS)

One of the prevalent questions on the mind of most safety professionals is if they can get recognition of previous learning for their experience and prior training in safety. They want to know how to apply the learning to Certificate IV Work Health and Safety. Those who already have relevant work, health, and safety experience and wish to boost their existing career with WHS qualifications also search for the answer to this question. Well, you can certainly do so. Today, you can gain certificate 2, certificate 3, certificate 4, and a diploma or advanced training course in WHS RPL (Recognition of prior learning). It helps you to turn your knowledge and expertise into RPL.

What Is RPL?

It stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. The process inspects if you have the current knowledge needed to hold the qualification and so don’t require to learn and show them again throughout the course. Essentially, the process enables you to gain credit for a course unit and minimise the number of units you need to study to attain a qualification.

After your skills get recognised, you become eligible for RPL. Sometimes, people are required to switch careers. For example, many people leave the navy or army without adequate savings to hold a lifetime of spending. If you are in such a state, you don’t need to think that you’ll have to take up a low paying job that doesn’t have many opportunities for career progression.

RPL methods allow people to fast track their learning according to the knowledge they already have from their previous job roles. You can get certificate courses for WHS RPL and study online for as much as $1312.50. Also, there’s a 25 per cent discount for emergency and military services. You will study 11 units, consisting of 3 core units and five elective units. Thus, you can transition to a new career in the domain of work, health, and safety and change your life for the better.

Who Is Eligible for Work Health Safety RPL?

RPL is suitable for those who have relevant experience with work responsibilities related to safety. It’s also for those who have completed prior training from a certified training organisation in this domain. After beginning your nationally recognised course, you’ll speak with an RPL assessor who’ll advise you on the relevant documents to submit as your initial learning proof. You are eligible to apply for RPL in the following cases:

  • You hold qualifications with units associated with occupational health and safety.
  • You have recent and relevant work experience.
  • You have proof that gives evidence of your background in this domain.

If you can submit evidence of this or other similar skills that the unit covers, the recognition will be given to you.

Documents You Require to Submit

Recognition is based more on if you can offer evidence that you have the requisite skills for the qualification. RPL assessor utilise the evidence you give to find if your experience matches the competency of the WHS course. Some examples of plausible evidence include:

  • Documents you contributed to, like risk analysis and inspection reports.
  • Work records of your recent duties on safety in your workplace.
  • References from your employers.
  • Copies of diplomas, certificates or attainment statements of your current qualifications.

Most often, you will require additional proof or a mix of various documents described above. That is how you’ll be able to get recognised for your prior learning.

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