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Do Not Believe These Myths About Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has become quite common in the workplace nowadays. But when some face this type of conduct in the workplace, they do not know how to react. It happens due to the widespread myths about sexual harassment.

Most of us think workplace sexual harassment means inappropriately touching a woman in the workplace. But the clear definition is much broader than that. There are several laws to protect workers from sexual harassment in the workplace. If you or your loved ones are the victims of sexual harassment, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg.

Common myths about sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a type of sex discrimination that violates Title VII. Mentioned below are some of the myths about sexual harassment.

  • Victims provoke sexual assaults by dressing inappropriately.

Rape and sexual assaults are crimes of violence that arise from persons exerting power over another person. Neither dressing nor promiscuous behaviors provoke unwanted sexual activity. Forcing a person into non-consensual sexual activity regardless of what the person wears or acts is known as sexual assault.

  • It is not sexual assault if it happens after drinking or consuming drugs.

Getting drunk or consuming drugs is not an invitation for sexual conduct. Individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol do not cause others to assault them. But some people take advantage of the situation and sexually assault them because the person is in a vulnerable position.

  • It is not sexual assault if it involves someone that knows each other.

Studies say that most sexual assaults are committed by a person the victim knows. Most of them include friends, classmates, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, or co-workers who sexually victimize the person. One should remember that sexual assault can happen in same-sex and heterosexual relationships. 

  • Sexual assault will not occur if women avoid dark places or dangerous spots.

Rape can occur anywhere, at any place, and at any time, to anyone. They have nothing to do with areas or spots. 

  • Only pretty young women are assaulted.

Still, most of us believe that pretty women are sexually assaulted arises from the myth that it is based on physician attraction and sex. Sexual assault is a crime of control and power. Offenders often choose individuals they perceive most vulnerable to attack or someone they can assert power. Even boys, men, and people with disabilities are sexually assaulted.

  • It is sexual assault if the victim resists or fights back.

Most states do not require the sufferer to resist charging the offender with sexual assault. Assault experts say that victims should not trust their intuition or instincts that will be most likely to keep them alive.

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