Essential Facts and Evidence About Catnip!

Catnip has several other names like cat wort, field balm, and catmint. But, it is not so important what it is called. The thing that is essential to acknowledge is that tigers, lions, panthers, and our very own domesticated cats can’t get over this fragrant herb.

This herb is originally from Asia and Europe. This herb is minty and lemony, and it has been associated with cats for long periods. The scientific name of catnip is Nepeta cataria, and over here, cataria is a Latin derived word that means “of a cat.” Many researchers have said all kinds of small and big cats are huge fans of this herb.

But why are cats fans of this herb?

Is it safe for cats?

Is it normal if your cat doesn’t like catnip?

These are some ‌questions that hover in the minds of new cat parents. This article is here for your rescue; keep reading it because it will provide you with all the ‌information about catnip.

Some effects of catnip:

  • Genetics is an influential factor that decides whether your cat will like this ‌herb. Some cats inherit sensitivity towards herbs. You can understand if your cat is sensitive to catnip only until they reach three to six months old.
  • Catnip has volatile oil in it, and this volatile oil has one attractive chemical; its name is nepetalactone. These chemicals are present in the branches, leaves, and seeds of the plant, and after sniffing for a while cats will start chewing and licking it. And after some time, sensitive cats will roll head over tail in pure bliss.
  • After the administration of catnip, different cats react differently. Some become very playful, and some become extraordinarily calm and mellow. This euphoria is ‌short-lived in cats and usually lasts for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Once the pleasure timeline passes, it will take around two hours or more for the cat’s body to respond to the catnip if exposed again. Make sure you don’t administer catnip way too frequently.

How is catnip helpful for training?

Most cats respond to catnip repeatedly; it can be used as a powerful training tool.

  • For example, if you want a cat to stop scratching your loving furniture. Rub some of the catnip on their scratching post and make it appealing for your furball,
  • If you get a new bed for your cat but they won’t sleep in it, you can sprinkle some catnip on that new bed. This act of yours could make your cat love the new mattress.


Many cat parents now order catnip online or buy it from their pets to entertain their pets. Which only shows how much they care for and love their pets. So if you have a cat who responds to catnip, use it for training them but don’t overexploit it.

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