Everything You Need to Know About Desktop Power Outlets 

Power grommets have transformed the way people perceive power outlets. With the installation of USB charging outlets directly on furniture, charging devices have become much more convenient. Meanwhile, residential and commercial interior designers are constantly innovating to incorporate smart power outlets in places that are easily accessible. You can also install a desktop power outlet in your house or office and use it for your needs throughout the day without rushing to charging points in the middle of an important meeting or while working on a project.

The advantage of desk mounted power outlets is that they can be installed in the office, kitchen or home. However, you need to determine the kind of power solution you need for your application and the location to install the unit. Meanwhile, the following are some details that can help you understand this kind of power outlet better and help with your installation.

Table and Desktop Power Outlets

There are several options for a desktop power outlet like freestanding, pop-up, recessed and many more. It helps you have power access in front of you without looking for charging points to connect the devices. And when you add power outlets to your desk, the working space becomes more functional and increases work efficiency.


You may need different types of connections for USB, video, audio, data or phone. And you may install any type of jack for multimedia use on the desktop.

USB/USB-C: USB plugs can power all mobile devices. And when you have convenient access to any USB module, you can work uninterruptedly throughout the day. Meanwhile, the USB-C charging connector is also gaining popularity due to its high-speed data transfer and fast-charging abilities.

Video connectors: Video connectors are commonly used in auditoriums, media rooms and conference rooms. They enable speakers to connect presentations from their devices to bigger screens. You can also install various video connectors on your conference or lectern table.

Data connectors: Data connectors can be another option for your desktop power outlet. As such, you can use different cable connectors like Cat 6 or Cat5e that support transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps and are ideal for short distances.


You can choose from different mounting options when you have decided on your configuration needs. And some of them are:

Locatable desk outlets: You can choose them when you want to have the convenience of power on your desktop without compromising the furniture. This option is ideal for fluid work environments that demand frequent relocation and use of training desks and adaptable workspaces with multi-user settings or even for home offices. And while working from home, you may want to change a bit of scenery and need to move your laptop to the living room or the kitchen, which can be easily done with a relocatable outlet.

Pop-up outlets: Pop-up desk outlets can be the perfect addition to any furniture and allow you seamless power integration. The mounting application is made by cutting a hole of the required shape in the furniture, dropping it from the top and getting it secured from underneath. These outlets have spring-loaded mechanisms and pop up when activated. Moreover, these outlets hide in the furniture when not used, leaving free space for other works.

Recessed outlets: Recessed outlets are practical and can be installed on different surfaces. These are mounted in plain sight and can be easily operated as they are open and accessible. Moreover, these outlets may come in different shapes, sizes and finishes.

With the advancement in interior décor technology, you can choose the suitable power outlet options that best meet your needs. So, thoroughly consider all the above points and get convenient power outlets without changing your work set-up.

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