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Fill Your Cups With Delicious Drops of Joy.

There is an abundance of flavours, nifty accessories, and exciting gift bundles; now that’s our cup of tea. Shop now at a premium tea store for a perfect way to start your day.

Each day must begin with a divine cup of tea. Some places bring a rich tea-drinking experience and the perfect cup of tea. From a deluxe range of tea types, exotic flavours, and a healthy blend of chai lattes and mouth watering hot chocolate to brewing the perfect pot of tea to drink at home or carry with you to work, find a one-stop-shop for all your tea cravings and necessities.

Contrasting flavours, unique blends, and rare brews will warm your palate, clear your mind and stir your heart.

White Tea:

Carefully extracted from the wisps of silver growing on the tender buds of the tea plant, white teas are delicate and mellow, perfect for a fresh beginning.

Green Tea:

Rejuvenating and refreshing, with a cleansing blend of jasmine, honeydew, strawberry, mango, and more. Green teas are flavourful, calming, and healthy—a great addition to your diet.

Oolong Tea:

Brewed with peach, jasmine, kiwi, rose and many more to restore your inner peace and rid you of all your worries, oolong teas will keep you happy, healthy, and energised for an oo-long time!

Black Tea:

No tea lover’s haven is complete without exotic black teas from Asia, Yunnan in South-Western China, and Assam and Darjeeling in Northeast India.

Pu Erh Tea:

Filled to the brim with vitamin C and other rich antioxidants, Pu Erh Teas will fill your home with a lovely earthy mist and a delightful feeling of warmth and comfort.

Fruit Tea:

Infused with the juiciest apples, strawberries, pineapples, mangoes, oranges, and more, fruity teas are a fun twist to your traditional teas and a perfect drink for all seasons.

Herbal Tea:

Unwind from a long day with reviving cups of magic, injected with dried fruit, fresh herbs, and tangy spices. Herbal teas promise sound sleep, a peaceful mind, and a happy heart.

Rooibos Tea:

Sweet-scented and fruity, the tea has us captivated by its charm. Rooibos tea lives up to its African roots with unique blends of vanilla, rose petals, spices, and fruit.

Matcha Tea:

If you’re looking for a coffee substitute to boost your spirits, matcha teas are healthy cups of energy to keep you moving through the day.

Moringa Tea:

A healthy stimulant with hints of peppermint, citrus, and roasted nuts, moringa teas are the perfect drink to tickle your taste buds and brighten your mood. A tea that tastes good and makes you feel great.

Chai Latte:

Fancy a cup of fancy chai lattes? Creamy and aromatic, infused with authentic spice and natural sweeteners, you can never go wrong with a large cup of chai latte.

Turmeric Tea:

Fused with antioxidants and immunity boosters to cleanse your body and mind, detoxify with a steaming cup of our zesty turmeric teas.

Handpicked with care, fueled by tradition, and brewed with love, tea unlocks the door to an enriching world of brews, blends, and flavours, bringing the best teas from across the world to your doorstep. Shop now for teas that ignite your taste buds and allow you to unplug, kick back, and catch your breath.

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