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Get to Understand More About Vacuum Cleaners in use today.

In this article, we will keenly look at what a vacuum cleaner is, its functions, prices, the difference in features, and where to buy one. We will also look at the importance of such a machine in a household. Moreover, we will look into how to employ it properly as you do your daily chores at home or even commercially.

Before discussing the prices of different vacuum cleaning machines in Kenya, we first need to understand what they entail. Please take a moment to go through this information as we unpack vital details about this machine.

First and foremost, a vacuum cleaner, or a hoover as others call it, is powered by electricity and can be used both domestically and commercially. Let us now see how it works and how much you will need to spend.

How it works

An electric vacuum cleaner was the brainchild of both Herbert Celil and David Kennedy in 1901. With time there has been improvement towards the same, and in 2022, the changes are notable as technology is not stagnant.

The machine works by sucking dust through the nozzle with the help of the rotating fan on the motor. This factor creates a vacuum that sucks every dirt particle.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum cleaner machines come in different types and capacities, which determines variations in pricing in the country and beyond. Here are some different styles to look at;

  • Robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Hand-held vacuum cleaner
  • Stick vacuum cleaner
  • Canister vacuum cleaners

The different brands, sizes, and wattage also determine the prices, but you would be happy to know that there will be a machine for you in your budget.

Maintenance and uses

When you purchase your vacuum cleaner, you want to be sure you get value for your money. These are machines, and unseen factors can cause them to break down. If you paid a ransom for your appliance, the warranty with the device would help you get professional repairs at meagre costs.

Is the Cost Worth it?

Let’s get honest here. A vacuum cleaner is an expensive machine, especially in third-world countries, it is considered a luxury. Therefore when you save money to buy one, you want to be sure it gives you value for your money. The level of deep cleaning you get will make you forget about the rates of the vacuum cleaner price in Kenya.


A vacuum cleaning machine is a must-have in your house, as the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. It is very vital to keep your surrounding clean. This wards off germs-related illnessesand also gives your environment a homely vibe.

If you are using the vacuum cleaner commercially, go for a bigger machine that will handle heavy duty, but if it’s for domestic use, you are truly spoilt for choice.

Last but not least, when you plan on purchasing the cleaning machine, always check out wattage, as the market is flooded with choices. This enables you to get a worthwhile value for what you spend. Have a worthwhile shopping experience!

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