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How To Advertise On Instagram

Instagram leverages a large audience on a single platform that you can easily work with. In order to reach and cater to such a large audience you can have paid promotions and unpaid promotions. The un-paid sources of your promotion strategy include your postings on Instagram. Whereas if you have a budget for paid promotions then Instagram ads are the best tool for promotion on Instagram.

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram ads are paid posts on Instagram that are visible all over the Instagram on every user’s story, feeds, reels, etc. while scrolling through the feed your ad is displayed in an attractive way to lure its customers and enhance your sales. They seem like normal posts but have either your business link attached to it or the link to your profile. These posts indicate ‘sponsored’ on the post to help it differ from normal posts. You can get more ideas about posting an ad to instagram through Insta Zoom tool.

How to advertise on Instagram?

To post an ad on Instagram, you need to have a business account or creator account on Instagram. Make sure this Instagram account is linked to a Facebook business page. Now on your business account if you have posts that are doing extremely well then these can be turned into Instagram ads easily. You can either draft a completely new post for your ad or then choose from the posts with maximum likes and responses. In order to convert your post into an ad follow these steps:

Step 1: On your Instagram business account, you can see the promotion button in the lower right corner of your post. Click this option to set your post into an Instagram ad.

Step 2: You are now prompted to choose your preferred audience. Choose the age group of your target audience by pushing the slider.

Step 3: Now choose a destination where you want to promote your ad like stories, feed, reels etc. you can choose more one than one destination per your budget and convenience.

Step 4: Now select a particular duration for which you want to run that ad for and the budget that you have for investment. Instagram reveals to your certain packages, choose the package that suits you.

Step 5: Finally, tap on ‘promotions’ to set your ad. Now your ad is visible to your target audience and you can monitor the activity in your ad in the promotions tab on your Instagram profile.

Types of Instagram ads?

There are  multiple types of Instagram ads per everyone’s need and demand. Some Of which are image ads that allow you to post a single picture on an ad. On the other hand you have carousel ads that allow you to post multiple pictures on your ad in a carousel. You can even convert your story into an ad these are story ads. Ads also encompass visual content in the form of video ads through reels and IGTV videos. This wide range of ads allows you to choose the type of ad that would work best for you. Now you are no more limited to a picture advertisement.

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