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How To Download Instagram Stories On Any Device?

Instagram stories are audio, video and text content posted on any person’s timeline. These stories are supposed to disappear after 24 hours. Instagram stories are set in a way that they disappear from your profile and for the people viewing it if you do not save those stories as highlights on your profile. You can have this control over your content but not on the content that other people are sharing. In order to view other people’s stories later on you need to save it into your gallery. This way even if they delete it or its gets deleted automatically post 24 hours you can still have it. But the prime question remains how? This blog helps you confer ways to save any person’s story to view later on.

1. Take a screenshot or use a screen recorder:

The generalised method that people tend to use is taking a screenshot. If you want hands on anyone’s story but you feel awkward asking them to give it to you, you are left with one option that is taking a screenshot. Or you could even use a screen recorder for videos. While it is a feasible option it isn’t accurate. Whenever you take a screenshot or record screen you do not get the content but the entire screen captured. Moreover the quality of the content tends to be poor. Especially while recording a video on screen recorder either you do not get the audio or the audio is of poor quality.

2. Instagram story saving app (StoriesIG):

If you are looking to download someone else’s story or even your own story, in the original quality you can use an Instagram story downloader. We recommend StoriesIG. StoriesIG is one of the best Instagram story saver software that helps you to download and save any person’s story directly into your gallery. The software is available on the StoriesIG website free of cost or you can even download the StoriesIG app. The app helps you view and download stories and highlights anonymously, here’s how:

  1. Download StoriesIG App for your device (the app and software works for all devices including iOS).
  2. Launch the App or open the website of StoriesIG.
  3. Put in the user name of the person whose story you wish to download or copy the username from Instagram in order to get the exact contact.
  4. Tap search to initiate search. StoriesIG displays all the stories that person has uploaded for that particular day.
  5. Play the story and press the ‘download’ button over the story to save the story into a folder in your gallery.

StoriesIG is platform independent and uses API technology to download and view stories in anonymous mode to conceal your identity. The app is super easy to use, without being afraid of losing personal information as the app does not demand any information from you nor does it save any information that you have downloaded. StoriesIG helps download stories from public accounts and maintains the privacy of private accounts.

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