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How To Get Debt Collectors To Stop Calling You 

Currently, the consumer debt in the United States is more than $15.8 trillion. The whole of America is in a debt crisis. Therefore, if you are struggling with debt thinking you are alone, you are not. When you owe money to an entity, your debt might go into collection, which is not even the worst part. The actual irritation is when collectors start calling.

If you, like a million others, wish for debt collectors to stop calling you, you can certainly do so. You can legally request a stoppage of such calls, texts, and emails by taking a few easy steps. For additional legal help and advice, you may consult with a Chicago debt collection defense lawyer.

Some things debt collectors are allowed and not allowed to do 

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) outlines various things a debt collector in Chicago is allowed and not allowed to do during the process of collection. This is to ensure the debtors can still have privacy and rights while they are in debt. Here are some laws and regulations included in the Act.

  • Debt collectors are required to call you only during the hours between 8 am and 9 pm.
  • Debt collectors are not allowed to make threats of violence or arrest.
  • They must identify themselves on call, by text, or in person before asking for the payments.
  • They cannot call you repeatedly within a short period of time.
  • And lastly, they cannot call you if you request them in writing.

How to send a written request for stoppage of calls to the debt collector?

Here are the steps you should take when you want to request the debt collector to stop calling you.

  1. When they call, ask them for their first and last name.
  2. Establish the name of the company they work in.
  3. Determine the time at which they called or usually make a call.
  4. Ask the person for a mailing address to send the written request.
  5. Make an account of what the collector said to you on the call.
  6. Take a note of their requests, if any.

Additional tips for dealing with debt collectors 

  • Avoid admitting that you owe a debt. 

It is usually not in your best interest to agree to owe a debt without actually getting proper evidence for it. It is important to determine if the debt is even valid and if it is, then make sure the amount owed is true. 

  • Avoid promises to pay. 

By promising to pay at some point in the future, you may be giving up the same rights as admitting to owing debt. First, ensure that the debt is valid and then make statements.

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