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Interior Designer in Nagpur: Tips to Energize Kid’s Room with Best Vastu Interiors

According to the interior designers, the kid’s room must be specially decorated with complete care following all the Vastu norms. It is the place where they dream, learn, and work towards making a bright future. The interior design of the house must be refreshing, peaceful, and full of warmth and love.

Here are some Vastu interior tips for the experts that can help make your child’s room worth living in.

  1. The ideal zone for constructing a kid’s room in the house is the west zone with the door in the east direction to welcome positivity and happy vibes inside the room. Make sure that the door opens clockwise and nothing is hung on it. Many kids love to hang some boards or signs on their room’s door which must be strictly avoided as it welcomes too much negative energy inside the room and becomes the reason for conflict between the parents and the kids.
  2. Never design any direct door, window, or mirrors in front of your child’s bed. Having a mirror in front of the bed sometimes causes weird illusions to the person sleeping on it and spread too much negativity inside the person. Windows and doors in front of the bed become the reason for sleepless nights and insomnia among the children as per Vastu norms. This is the reason it is always suggested by the Vastu interior experts to avoid these things and enhance positivity in the room.
  3. The placing of your child’s bed should be in the west or southwest corner of the room. Avoid using metal frames in the room and make a complete bed of good wooden quality. Using metal in the best is the reason for having negativity in your kid’s life so, strictly avoid it. Keeping the bed best in the right direction helps welcome good fortune, success, and good health in your kid’s life which every parent wishes for.
  4. Bed is the place only meant for sleeping and relaxing. Many people allow their kids to eat as well on the bed but by doing this they are inviting negative vibes and bad dreams into their kid’s life. Strictly prohibit eating anything on the bed for your kid’s good health.
  5. Electronic gadgets are never good for anyone as they emit too many electromagnetic waves from them and if you are keeping them in your kid’s room, it is the worst thing you are doing with your child’s health. The harmful rays can damage your child’s concentration power and this is the reason it is always advisable to avoid keeping too many electronic gadgets in your kid’s room.
  6. Place the study desk in the west or southwest direction of the room. Keep it in a way that the child faces the east or north direction while studying. This is good for increasing the memory and concentration in children according to the best Vastu consultants.
  7. If you have a bookshelf in your child’s room, make it with complete wood and avoid using any metal in it. Place it in the northeast section of the room for best results. Visit Concepts Architects.

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