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Jackhammers: Types & Precautions To Use Them

Rock, asphalt, and concrete can sometimes be difficult to work with. Roads and constructing foundations last for centuries because of that toughness. However, a sledgehammer is insufficient when mining or rebuilding projects require removing these waterproof materials. At that point, jackhammers are helpful.

On building and demolition sites, T-shaped jackhammers are one of the most recognisable, terrifying, and ear-shattering tools. They are also the most practical because they combine two essential human hand tools (hammer and chisel) in a mechanised body.

Humans would need new devices if jackhammers didn’t exist to remove old rock or concrete from roads.

Pneumatic jackhammers are used in construction projects to remove pavement, old concrete, and numerous other surfaces. Only trained personnel should use the jackhammer because its weight lowers the risk of accidents.

Types of jackhammers

Air-powered jackhammers

Air is used to power these jackhammers. Engineering was created in the nineteenth century. The engineering is straightforward but ingenious: pressurised air powers a piston, which strikes the shaft and has a drill or other bit at the end. The drill’s high-speed rate breaks up rock, concrete, and other materials due to the shaft’s repeated striking.

Jackhammers are powered by gas.

The gas-powered jackhammer is starting to make its way into the construction sector as a reliable alternative to the electric and pneumatic jackhammers‘ extreme portability and raw power. The device typically employs the piston-and-shaft method, much like a pneumatic jackhammer. What drives the piston is where there is the most significant difference. In contrast to pneumatic jackhammers, which use air compressors, the engine in this instance is a 4-stroke gasoline engine that is compact and attached to the jackhammer.

Electric Jackhammers

Power tools powered by electricity have been around for a while. Due to their extreme portability and straightforward, low-maintenance design, they are versatile tools. An electric jackhammer’s minimalist design has its advantages. Still, because of its flimsy, torque-based internal locomotion, it frequently lacks raw power. You’ll always run into a limit on how much force it can produce without the decisive action of a piston.

Precautions to be taken while using a jackhammer

Put on personal protection gear.

This one cannot be negotiated. Even when used properly, jackhammers can be hazardous. Wear safety gear like gloves, earplugs, a face mask, or a dust respirator.

Pick the appropriate jackhammer type.

The work that needs to be done will determine what kind of jackhammer you use. You can use a handheld device for little projects. Use the mighty hydraulic hammers to break harsh concrete only.

The jackhammer can be moved using your legs.

This helps avoid back injuries brought on by moving the unit improperly.

Start by pressing the jackhammer against the ground.

A safety lock is frequently installed on jackhammers to keep them from accidentally starting if no pressure is detected or if they are positioned incorrectly.

Make use of the excellent jackhammer chisel.

Rock points for cutting through rock, chisel points for breaking concrete, and spade points for breaking asphalt. Never use a jackhammer chisel that is broken or damaged.


Even though jackhammers are helpful to power tools, they should not be used carelessly because, even if you are familiar with other power tools, trying to operate one without knowing what you’re doing can be extremely dangerous. On the other hand, a pneumatic jackhammer can efficiently complete the breaking task using high-pressure air from a nearby air compressor.

Remember that various jackhammer sizes are appropriate for multiple applications and that when using such tools, your safety should be prioritised by investing in the proper protective equipment.

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