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Love Your Tub Again With a Bathtub Pillow

You can’t put a price on the perfect bath. The warm water can relax your mind after a stressful day, has healing properties for your muscles, bones, and joints, and has numerous other benefits. For some, it may be their moment to get away, read a book, or enjoy a glass of wine. Others may call it their self-care. Whatever your reason is for taking a bath, we’ve found five products that will turn your bathtub into your personal spa without breaking the bank.

Let’s Face It: Bathtubs Weren’t Made for Heads or Necks

There’s nothing we dislike more than getting into a nice, warm bathtub, only to lean back against a hard surface. If you’re like us-we’ve tried everything to try and feel more comfortable, including rolled-up bath towels, a robe, and even a pool noodle! They just weren’t cutting it. So we went on the hunt to find the best bathtub pillow on the market, and to our surprise, it was less than $30! This isn’t your mother’s inflatable bathtub pillow from the ’90s, either. This bathtub pillow is an actual pillow with four powerful suction cups on the back to attach to your tub. Now, bring on the relaxation. It is so comfortable, and it takes relaxation to the next level. Don’t close your eyes for too long, because you will fall asleep. They thought of it all with this bathtub pillow, including a hook so you can hang it up to dry after using, a soft, removable cover that is machine washable, and deep side pockets for bath products, snacks, or whatever you can fit. You won’t find extras like that on the original inflatable bathtub pillow!

Scented Candles

Did you know that scent goes to the brain faster than sight and sound? Well, it’s true, and that’s why picking out the perfect scented candle is so essential to achieving relaxation and being able to de-stress while in the tub. Our bodies respond wonderfully to scents such as lavender, which is why so many candle companies have this scent! Lavender is great for inducing relaxation and even sleep! Clary sage is another popular scent used widely in aromatherapy and can be found in herbal teas. Rosemary is another therapeutic option that is shown to release anxiety and stress. Really, any of your favorite scents will do. Candles also give you a spa-like look and can provide just enough light if you’re the type who likes taking baths in the dark! The prices vary for candles based on the size, but they are typically very affordable.

Bathtub Bath Tray

These are new on the market, and they’ve started making some gorgeous-looking versions of the bath tray that are also very affordable. Make sure you measure the width of your bathtub to ensure a great fit. However, most bath trays are adjustable, so they can be made smaller or larger if needed. Bathtub trays are a great way to keep items safe that shouldn’t get wet. For example, many people bring their phones or tablets into the bath to scroll through social media or catch up on shows. This tray keeps items safely away from the water and eliminates the possibility of dropping them in the water. Since the tray will get wet, make sure the tray is made of wood such as bamboo, teakwood, or cedar. These materials hold up well, even when wet.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re a bathtub book reader, a podcast junkie, or just like to close your eyes while playing some of your favorite tunes, a Bluetooth speaker is a must. It allows you to completely submerge in your bathtub experience without missing your favorite song or not hearing what the show host just said. Bluetooth speakers are very reasonably priced and come in all different shapes and sizes. Even better is that they work with all different types of cell phones, tablets, or computers that are Bluetooth compatible!

Epsom Bath Salts

Epsom bath salts are just that – pieces of salt. But they’re available in different scents and for various ailments, so you can customize your experience based on how you feel that day. If you’re trying to wind down before bed, give the lavender Epsom salt a try. Skin looking tired or dull? Epsom salt with Vitamin C or citrus notes will give you the refresh you need, and it smells great too! Epsom salts are very affordable, and the bag will last you for several baths. People swear on Epsom bath salts for a wide range of ailments or injuries, including sunburn, sore muscles, feet, and stiff joints. The grittiness of the salt is a perfect exfoliator for skin!

We hope these findings encourage you to take a self-care bath and relax. Setting the tone for your bath will truly make a massive difference in the quality and, eventually, the number of baths you take!

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