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Monogram Logo Design An Introduction to Monogram Logo Design

How can your story be told with the smallest amount of words or letters — as is possible? Create monogram logos!

Monograms exploded in the last decade of the 19th century, primarily for the industry of fashion. The most prestigious fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci are among the most famous monogram logo designs. They’ve been around for a long time and are recognized worldwide. Some other famous designs comprise Hewlett-Packard (HP) along with Life’s Good (LG).

What’s fascinating about a monogram logo is the emotional value it conveys and the way that using letters creates memorable acronyms and an even deeper connection to the brand name.

Here are some well-known monogram logos:

What is monograms?

Monogram logos are an attractive design comprised of a mixture of up at least three words (traditionally the three) to form a single image. Monogram logos are typically used to symbolize the initials of individuals or business. The letters used in this style can also be paired with images to show the idea behind the brand even more.

Monograms are among the oldest methods of identification that was first utilized of monograms by Ancient Greeks on coins to symbolize various cities. In the past monograms were commonly utilized by artists on their work and by royal families that depended on them to distinguish themselves (often to signify properties) and also for wedding invitations.

Look over the monogram examples:

What is the best time to select the monogram logo you want to use to represent your business

When creating the logo you’re looking for something that resonates with your intended customers while creating your brand’s core (the feelings that you want people to associate with your company).

Consider for instance the Louis Vuitton monogram logo: The serif font conjures the feelings of class, luxury and exclusivity.

Monogram logos are well-suited to global markets . They’re an excellent choice for businesses that have long or hard to understand company names. They’re also simple to remembereverybody knows LV means Louis Vuitton even though it’s an French name, and people don’t all speak French It’s a memorable name.

You should think about an initial monogram if:

Your business’s name is on the longer side.

If your company’s name is longer or is comprised of several words, it might be difficult to present the words clearly in a logo.

Consider for instance the London Symphony Orchestra as an illustration. It could easily become something you can pronounce (try repeating this five times! ) So, the company chose the simple tri-letter monogram to be their logo. They even went a step further and created the picture of a conductor as well as baton, which is surrounded by the letters!

Your company’s name could be transformed into an acronym

If your name is a slightly more technical side or has a longer, think about how you can reduce it to an easy to remember acronym. This method is ideal for companies with global markets as they’re easy to pronounce and identify.

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company chose this approach when it came to making its logo. It was as simple as abbreviating its name in “3M.”

Your company has family ties

The monogram design is great for companies that have familial roots, since monograms originally began as a notion with sentimental significance. Being among the top popular luxury fashion houses Louis Vuitton’s logo is an excellent illustration of monograms with an ancestral history.

Your business is a global player

Does your company have international markets that aren’t in its home country? Think about a monogram that would be easy for anyone in the world to identify and be reminded of.

General Electric’s monogram appears a bit closer to an more abstract end thanks to its customized script typeface. While everyone won’t be aware the name of the company General Electric, they will at a minimum be able to recognize “GE.”

It is not advisable to make use of an abstract symbol

If you do not want to incorporate a symbol into your logo, and prefer your company’s name to stand alone monogram could be a viable alternative. It is possible to create an appealing and visually appealing logo by mixing initials and creating something unique to your.

If you’re just beginning your company it is important create your own brand name and increase awareness about it. In this instance it is recommended to begin with a different monogram that has the full name of your company underneath or in front of the monogram.

Then, you can apply the monogram on its own in smaller areas, such as profile pictures for social media sites or web-based Favicons.

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