Mushroom Supplements | Reasons Behind Its Popularity

Mushroom supplements aren’t made from psychedelic mushrooms, but many people still think of them as magical in their own right. Brennan Kilbane writes in GQ that he thinks they might be the key to looking and feeling better. If there’s a trend for mushrooms, Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand, GOOP, is all in. You can buy Lion’s Mane Extract-made, Brain Dust by Moon Juice and Reishi Mushroom Elixer Mix in their shop.

Brain Dust is sold out, so it’s safe to say that many shoppers agree with them. The mushroom market brought in $5 billion in sales in 2017, according to The Guardian. Based on how much it has grown recently, it is thought that by 2020, that number will reach $7.4 billion. Market Research Future believes that the mushroom extract market will grow by 6.3% annually until 2023. There are a lot of them. Why is everyone so crazy about mushroom supplements all of a sudden?

What Are Mushroom Supplements

Supplements made from mushrooms are exactly what they sound like. They are made from different kinds of fungi and are said to have health benefits that sound almost magical.

Alix Turoff, MS, RD, and CPT, says, “Each kind of mushroom has different qualities.” “Mushroom supplements can give you more energy, help your muscles recover faster, boost your immune system, protect your heart, fight inflammation, fight free radicals, and help you focus or think.”

This is only the beginning. Some companies say that the benefits are much more impressive, like stopping the growth of tumours and keeping people young. The man who made MUDWTR, a mushroom-based tea, says that it makes him less sore after workouts and that he could “eat less and do more work” if he drank it.

The thing about mushrooms and supplements made from them is that it’s hard to come up with a complete list of their benefits because there are so many different kinds. ”

Are Mushroom Supplements Safe

Again, because there are so many kinds of mushroom supplements, it is impossible to say that all supplements are safe. We know that the FDA hasn’t approved medicinal mushrooms in Australia, which are dietary supplements.

On the other hand, Li says that, like most dietary supplements, a good product will be made from real food and is probably safe to eat. In a review published in Fungal Biology, Nicholas P. Money, a researcher from Miami University’s Western Program and Department of Biology, says that there is conflicting evidence about how safe it is to eat some of the mushrooms that are now sold as supplements. For example, some research has found a risk of allergic reactions and liver damage.

Do Mushrooms Supplements Work

Li says that natural chemicals have been found in medicinal mushrooms like Turkey Tail , Lion’s Mane, and Reishi that could be helpful for cancer treatment. In the lab, scientists have seen how these chemicals stop tumours from getting blood.

Since a lot of the evidence for mushroom supplements isn’t very strong and the products are pretty pricey, you might want to think twice before putting your health in the hands of this product. Still, eating fresh mushrooms, at least the kinds we know are safe to eat, won’t hurt you.

Why Are Mushroom Supplements so Popular

Li says that mushroom supplements in Australia are being sold in a very smart way. Manufacturers use a small amount of good science about mushroom benefits to make their messages more appealing. Who doesn’t want to look younger and have a stronger immune system?

In the end, people should be careful not to fall for claims that can’t be backed up, celebrity endorsements, and pretty packaging. There are many proven ways to take control of your health, like getting more exercise, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and getting enough sleep. Why not start there if you think your body could use a little more care?

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