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NetbaseQuid Social Media: Social Media Analytics in Decision Making

With the rise of social media, it’s difficult to stay on top of the content and conversations happening on various social platforms. Effective social media marketing requires a thorough understanding of digital trends, which is where NetbaseQuid can help. NetbaseQuid is a data-driven social media analytics company that helps brands understand their audience, track trending topics, and identify prospects for their business. This article discusses how companies or a brand can use social media analytics to make marketing decisions and form a marketing campaign based on these analytics.

1. Identify the right social media channels 

Depending on your business and target group, the number of social media channels you need to consider might vary. Identify channels that are more popular with your target audience. Doing so will enable you to focus your time and resources on reaching out to more people. For instance, Instagram tends to be highly used by a younger audience, LinkedIn mostly by professionals/ workers, Facebook is a mix, Twitter is largely seen as a microblogging platform and is largely used by young professionals.

2. Track trends

Social media analytics also helps check the trending topics. By tracking the trending topics, you can make a future prediction of the interest your target audience will show in any particular topic. For instance, if you want to create a brand awareness campaign for a juice brand, it can be beneficial to track the hottest on social media because your target audience is likely to go online and search for juice recipe videos in the rest of summer. Social media analytics would have helped identify that trend much before it occurs so that you could plan your marketing strategy forward.

3. Build conversation around your brand.

These analytics helps create an insight into the campaigns that have worked well for you. Getting customer feedback and involving them in your marketing campaign will be easier. An integrated customer relationship management system can even email would-be customers before their re-entry onto social media to let them know when a campaign is beginning in which they might have an interest. This could be extremely helpful in encouraging new prospects to consider your brand. The customer insight gathered on the channels will inform ad content, which can serve up a “long game” that lives after the campaign ends and generates overall interest and customer loyalty.

4 .keeping tabs about various events going market

Social media analytics can help in mapping an event trend. Seeing how people respond to topics you know are currently in the market (based on phone calls or Google search activity) lets you decide which type of content is trending and then match your own messaging to those interesting topics. This doesn’t allow you to predict an event like the Superbowl right each time necessarily, but it will help you know what messages to make ready in advance of the event. Message optimization is an essential aspect of multiple content formats, including QR codes, videos, etc.

5. Allocates Resources

It also makes it easier to determine how to add more content needed to reach the target audience to gain more visibility on social media platforms. It helps you identify which types of content resonate with your target audience and gain clicks and interactions, and which images (or lack thereof) are likely working best on those networks. You should invest in ads or organically engage users through articles and other types of content or use some specific keywords mixed with other words in posts. With social media analytics, you could identify that some event is appealing to your target audience and expand upon it. It helps you know what other social media activity worked over a certain period the most. You can also determine the best time to start promoting your brand and prevent trolling from strengthening or damaging your business or brand’s name, which will be beneficial for brands.

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