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Simplified tips to get the best out of your injury lawyer

You were involved in a car crash in Bellevue. If you know that the other driver was negligent, you may have a valid lawsuit to recover compensation that will cover your losses. The standard norm is to file a third-party insurance claim with their insurer, as Washington is a fault state. No one is ever prepared to deal with the whole process, which is precisely why it is best to have an injury lawyer represent your case. The Walthew Law Firm has experienced attorneys who can be your best resort for justice. Here are some simplified tips to get the best out of your injury lawyer.

#1 – Insist on a FREE consultation

Before you decide whether an injury lawyer is right for your needs, consider meeting them in person. The top law firms don’t charge a fee for the initial consultation, and you get to know a lawyer better. Ask questions related to their experience, practice areas, and profile. When you see a lawyer for the first time, ensure that you have relevant facts and evidence that you may have.

#2 – Be honest

Were you somehow to blame for the car accident? Unless your injury lawyer knows the details, you cannot expect them to help or fight for your rights. No one, except for the lawyer, should know about the aspects that pertain to your claim. The lawyer will also do an independent investigation of the matter, which means they will eventually find facts that you were initially trying to hide.

#3 – Be responsive

You need to answer your lawyer’s calls and emails immediately. Remember that injury lawyers have a busy schedule, and when they are making an effort to find more details or fight for your rights, you have to be responsive. Ask the attorney how you can contact them, but whenever they ask about certain things, respond immediately.

#4 – Ask about the dos and don’ts

What are the things you should avoid after the accident? Your injury lawyer will share the missteps that clients often make during the process. It can take a few months to get your settlement, and in the meanwhile, you should avoid posting about the crash on social media and must not interact with the insurance adjuster directly. Apart from your lawyer, no one is directly interested in protecting your rights.

Collaborate with a skilled injury lawyer and let them deal with your claim efficiently.

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