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Sydney Travel Restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic in Australia has prompted NSW Government officials to implement a number of travel restrictions. These include a ban on interstate and intrastate travel, but not on non-essential international travel. The ban on non-essential air travel is not applicable in Sydney. However, the restrictions apply to travelers in NSW who are unsure of their health conditions. This article will discuss some of the most common health-related issues you may face while in Sydney.

On Sunday, the lockdown on the Northern Zone was lifted. Residents were still required to stay home, unless it was essential to travel, donate blood, exercise, or seek medical attention. In addition, residents were allowed to have up to 10 people visit them at home – including children – for an unlimited amount of time. Further, if you are a permanent resident of the state, you no longer need to register to visit relatives, or work in the state.

The stay-at-home orders are also lifted, allowing residents and visitors to leave aged-care facilities. As the government continues to monitor the situation, these travel restrictions may affect the Central Coast, the Blue Mountains, Wollongong, and Shellharbour. The restrictions do not apply to the use of recycled or bore water. As of last night, the state has reported 251 new Covid-19 cases but no deaths.

The quarantined population in Sydney and Melbourne will continue to fall. The quarantine period in Victoria has also been extended to six weeks. Those who are fully vaccinated in New South Wales can enter the State without undergoing a quarantine. Meanwhile, travellers from Melbourne can only leave the area during the following periods: on Wednesday, from 6:00pm to 11pm, and on Monday, from 10am to 5pm.

The lockdown in the Northern Zone was lifted on Sunday 10 January and the lockdown in the Southern Zone was lifted on Monday. While the restrictions in Greater Sydney are not the same in the Northern zones, Northern Beaches residents were still under the same restrictions as their counterparts in the southern region. The government has advised residents to remain indoors unless they absolutely need to go out. These reasons include food shopping, travelling for work, exercise, or medical attention. There were a total of 10 visitors allowed inside the home, and no more than ten people outside the house during the lockdown.

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There were no travel restrictions in the Northern Zone, but the Northern zone was still under lockdown for most of Sunday. While the Northern Zone’s lockdown lifted on Monday, the Northern Beaches were still under the same lockdown conditions as the rest of Greater Sydney. Those affected were encouraged to stay home except for essential purposes, such as food shopping, work, exercising, or seeking medical attention. As well as being in a restricted area, NSW residents were allowed to bring as many visitors as they like, but this is still a lot.

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