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Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic approach to health care that treats the whole person. The body is a complex interconnected system, and every structure is connected to all others. This life force fuels the entire system, which is governed by a variety of rules. Because of this, TCM takes into account changes in nature, which are reflected in the body. This includes factors such as the time of day, season, and genetics.

While Western medicine has many benefits, it does not use the Yin-Yang energy theory, which is used in TCM. Instead, TCM utilizes the 5-element theory, which classifies various types of disease according to their cause. It aims to treat all the underlying causes of a disease and to promote well-being. While it can be challenging to apply the principles of TCM in everyday life, it is possible to implement the principles of TCM to overcome the obstacles to a healthy life.

Although TCM is a form of Chinese medicine, it is based on Western scientific knowledge and research. It utilizes the Yin-Yang energetics to diagnose and treat a variety of health problems. This system also uses the five-element theory to classify disease patterns. Because the elements of TCM are different than those in Western medicine, the treatment options are also different. Acupuncture can also be an effective treatment for certain conditions.

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