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The Innumerous Uses Of PDF Files

Although PDFs (Portable Document Format) have been in use since the late 1990s; however, with the onset of work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been used massively. They were invented with the motive to have a portable document with fixed formatting attributes. This is their core strength which makes them highly relevant in the corporate, education, and financial sector.

Here is an article that briefs you more about the benefits of pdf files.

Benefits of PDF files

Since their inception, pdfs have undergone multiple changes, always upgraded for better compliance to users. Some of their benefits are elaborated on below.

Fixed Format

PDF files are widely recognized due to their quality of being resistant to change with varying operating systems. Irrespective of the platform, they remain the same in writing style, font size, image placement, hyperlinks, and all other features of the pdf. Unlike word documents or PowerPoint presentations, they do not change with shifts in software format.

The images do not deter in quality. They remain consistent no matter how many times the file is transferred or on which operating system it is received. Its basic format remains the same. It requires special tools like a PDF editor to make changes in such files.


Adobe conceptualized PDFs with an idea to have a digital document that doesn’t mandate the origin platform for opening it. Therefore, pdfs are universal documents that can be accessed by any pdf reader application. This makes them an easy-to-use document format, compliant with technology-challenged people, simultaneously reducing the time and effort required to access a document.

This also makes it easy to share documents as it doesn’t require any specific platform to transfer them across any part of the globe. Be it email, telegram, or via WhatsApp, PDF documents can be sent anywhere from any document-supporting mobile application, hardware, or computer windows.


PDFs can be protected by security keys or passwords. This makes them reliable sources for sharing secretive data such as monthly bank statements, confidential business contracts, the family will, or other high-profile documents.

Such a security system aids in sending professional documents in a matter of seconds, excluding the logistics of transferring files from one place to another.


These documents are blessed with special features like annotations, highlight text, quick box, and a few others. These help the viewer add extra information to the document or feedback and correction for improvisation.

Small file size

PDFs do not occupy much space on a device, irrespective of their contents. They are small size files that can be transferred easily without any extra effort. They are not required to be extracted from a zip file. One can easily download them and read the content with just a simple click.


To leverage their benefits, numerous new tools like  PDF to Word converter, PDF combiner, or PDF to PPT converter have come up on the internet. This aids in fixing all formats in one single format, non-amendable to changes while in transition.


Thus, PDFs are now integral assets of the digital world. Besides saving on paper, they assure cybersecurity of data from all ends.

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