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Trendy jumpsuits, maxi dresses and shirt dresses for women

How often have you walked into a store or scrolled through the section on dresses for women while shopping online and left amazed? When the options are countless, at times it is really difficult to choose the right ones.

Among the different types of dresses for women, jumpuitsmaxi dresses and shirt dresses provide a wide range of options. Stylish and highly customisable, these dresses come in a range of styles, designs and colours. So, we have put together a comprehensive guide to jumpsuits, maxi dresses and shirts for women to help you the next time you are on a shopping spree.

Jumpsuits for women

The jumpsuit has an inherent appeal of its own because it is extremely comfortable to wear. It brings an easy elegance along with it. Easy to slip on, the jumpsuit is comfortable as it is one complete dress instead of a separate upper and lower garment. The huge range of styles, starting from plain vanilla cuts to frills and flare, and the different types of fabrics it comes in are an added advantage.

The traditional jumpsuits work best for women with a slimmer waist and wider hips and bust. However, jumpsuits are highly customisable and women with any type of figure can find jumpsuits that best suit them.

There are jumpsuits that come with a V-neck and short sleeve, as well as ones that are sleeveless with a round-neck, and cocktail jumpsuits with a chic, fusion style.

Maxi dresses for women

Maxi dresses are among the most comfortable attire to wear during summer and monsoon. When you’re trying to survive the scorching heat and humidity, there’s nothing like a comfortable maxi dress to slip into. And women look incredible in maxi dresses which have become quite a fashion statement because of their aesthetic appeal.

Maxi dresses have become immensely popular because you can wear them for different occasions. From a night out with friends to a dinner date and casual parties, a maxi dress is often the best-suited apparel for the occasion.

Available in a wide range of prints, colours, styles and designs, maxi dresses bring in the extra vibe and energy.

Shirt Dresses for women

If you’re looking for elegance and appeal while also searching for a style that you can wear for almost every occasion, shirt dresses can always be your first and last choice. With a wide range of styles to choose from, you just need to pick out the right choice for the occasion.

Shirt dresses can be worn on errand runs, brunches, lunches and dinners too. They’re the most comfortable and versatile type of dress to exist. Pick a lined shirt dress in light colours like white or light blue if you want to make a quick grocery run. If you wish to style this comfy look for the office, just stock up on some black, dark blue and brown shirt dresses that you can wear with a belt and matching heels for work appropriate attire.

Vero Moda has an extensive collection of jumpsuits, maxi dresses and shirt dresses for women. Get on to the website to start shopping now!

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