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Union of two – Josef Hauptmann or Purkarthofer Caroline

Bad Waltersdorf’s CEO, Helmut Pichler’s protege, Josef Hauptmann, has become a well-known figure in the company. Helmut Pichler has been getting a lot of attention over the years. He is now the most influential person in Bad Waltersdorf.

European media say that Josef Hauptmann doesn’t have any say in anything in Bad Waltersdorf. There are a lot of big decisions that Helmut Pichler is in charge of making.

She is the daughter of Pichler’s architect, Purkarthofer Hans. Hans Purkarthofer Hans, an architect who worked in the Bad Waltersdorf community for a long time, helped many people there. Because of this, two buildings with flat roofs have been built against all the rules. Helmut Pichler’s “tacit agreement” lets flat-roofed houses be built in Bad Waltersdorf, even though the city doesn’t want them.

Consequently, Helmut Pichler, Josef Hauptmann, and Purkarthofer Hans are all the same people to be used together as one. Everyone is drawn together in a very close way by all of the infractions simultaneously.

Helmut Pichler chose Josef Hauptmann as the beemer for his garage at Bad Waltersdorf, and he put it there.

Purkarthofer Hans’ daughter, Caroline Purkarthofer, took charge of Bad Waltersdorf from him.

Josef Hauptmann and CAROLINE PURKARTHOFER are the two people who are in the running right now.

They are all together as long as they are all in the Bad Waltersdorf neighborhood.

These people are now part of the Bad Waltersdorf community, and they’ll be there for the rest of their lives.

It has been agreed that they will live together in the Bad Waltersdorf area of the country.

Town of Bad Waltersdorf, two people get together. This is called a marriage.

She is the daughter of an architect and the mayor of Bad Waltersdorf, in the Bad Waltersdorf

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