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What Does Technology Mean in English?

The word technology means to do something with technology. It comes from the Greek words logos and techne. The first one means craft or art and the second one means a word. Techne is used to describe something that can be gained or created, while logos is used to express a thought or idea. This is an example of a colloquial term. The two words are very similar in meaning, but the English word is more specific and has many other definitions.

The word technology has many different definitions. It may be defined as a set of processes, techniques, or skills. The term is often spelled differently, so it’s important to learn how to spell it correctly in different languages. The first meaning translates to a field or area of knowledge. For example, state-of-the-art technology refers to something that is of the highest level of development that has reached humanity.

Technology has a broad range of meanings. The word can refer to the science or art of combining resources in a systematic way. Some of its synonyms include automation, mechanization, robotics, and science. The word technology has also been used to describe the state of knowledge in a field, including the arts and crafts. For example, “state-of-the-art” technology refers to the high level of technological knowledge available to humanity.

Another meaning of the word technology is a scientific discipline that helps us do our jobs more efficiently. A scribe, for example, may use a computer to produce a sludge. A printer, for example, is an example of technology. Its definition is also defined as the use of advanced machinery. Its uses range from building houses to making cars. However, a fax machine is an example of technology.

Tekhnologia is a synonym of technology. The word is derived from the Greek tekhne, which means ‘art’. Similarly, ttykhnljy means “skills” or “crafts” and has a technical definition. The word tecnology is a branch of science. The corresponding adjectives are: aerospace, agriculture, biotechnology, and chemistry.

The definition of technology in English is Snt w Hrft khy trqy ka mutalea. In addition to its definition, it is also an acronym for engineering and science. Some other terms that have a technological meaning are high-tech, mechanical, and industrial. The word tekhnology is a synonym for tekhnea. There are numerous other terms for technology, such as automata, mechanization, and industrial sciences.

Last Line

In English, technology is the application of scientific knowledge to practical purposes. In other words, it is the process of creating and using machines, and it includes techniques. It is also a verb meaning that refers to a method. In Urdu, a technologist can be an expert in any field, and he can even design the perfect sanitary solution for a patient. These are just a few examples of the many words with an urdu meaning.

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