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What Makes a Good CV?

A CV is a vital reference for completing any form on a job application. A CV should be two sides of white A4 paper. It should be typed and use the usual UK business letter formatting: the return address should be right justified, while everything else should be left justified. The font used should be size 10-12 and should be in the same style as the CV. The layout of a CV should be clean and simple with appropriate spacing and headings. This is especially important for smaller screen devices.

The CV should also include relevant dates of employment and achievements. It should be formatted in reverse chronological order and include all relevant jobs. This should include the employer, job title, and the length of time the applicant spent in the position. The experience section should highlight any skills and expertise that the applicant possessed while working at the previous job. A CV should be updated frequently if an applicant is applying for a new job.

A CV should be printed in black and white or in colour. It should be printed on a good quality paper, so it creates a better impression. The ink should be fresh and should be printed on one side of the paper. Lastly, the CV should be printed on both sides of the page. Depending on the job description, this may vary. The length of the CV should not exceed two sides of A4.

When writing a CV, make sure to keep it professional and informative. Most CVs are sent by email, so it’s important to save your CV as a PDF. This ensures that it’s not lost in the mail and will be readable by all devices. Additionally, make sure that your hobbies are relevant to the company you are applying to. For example, if you played soccer or chess, your hobby will demonstrate your teamwork skills and strategic thinking.

A good CV should be free of typographical errors. Whether it’s an A4 document, the resume should be legible and easy to read. Its font should be large and the paper should be white. If it’s a PDF, you can use bold and italic to isolate the relevant information. The font should be simple and readable. ACVs should be professionally designed.

Last Line

It’s important to remember that a CV is a sales document. It should highlight your qualifications and skills. A CV is a sales document. It is best if it’s in a format that’s compatible with digital format. In the UK, a standard CV should be no more than two pages, and it should not be more than four pages. However, a CV should be written in a style that’s legible to a prospective employer.

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