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What riding stirrups suit me best?

The riding stirrups are one of the most important elements of the saddle, in fact, it was one of the reasons why the barbarians were able to put an end to the Roman Empire since the stirrup gave them greater stability and strength when riding. load, in addition, of course, easier to get on the back of their horses in the event of a fall.

Nowadays, luckily, we look at horse riding stirrups for other reasons to use them and, therefore, decide which ones best suit our needs. And today, finding quality stirrups like Acavallo Stirrups is easy, as easy as “doing a few clicks”.

Basic riding stirrups

It is recommended that the most basic stirrup, no matter how simple we want it, be made of stainless steel, since we can find stirrups of this quality with very little difference in price compared to those that are not. In addition, we must conveniently choose the size, although this is easy since most only have child or adult sizes. We can always choose these stirrups between the classic steel color or give it a touch of color and decide on the gold ones, which we can combine with the saddle pad or bridle buckles and other gear from our team.

If what we are looking for is a lighter riding stirrup, we can opt for plastic stirrups, ideal for children, since they do not increase the weight of the saddle much and thus they can transport it better. In addition, this kind of stirrups can have very colorful colors and drawings that will delight children. These stirrups, as they are not safety, must be placed on the chair with the stirrup in the safety position, so that the action can be released in case of being stirruped.

Safety stirrups

These stirrups are highly recommended for almost all cases. Within them we can find the simple ones, with a rubber on the outside, called Australians, in which the rubber jumps in case of a fall and thus the foot is released. It is very normal to lose or break the rubber, even the leather that holds it to the stirrup, but nothing happens because they are sold separately and are very cheap.

Also for safety we have the stirrup flexion system, which consists of the stirrup bending forwards and backwards, so that, in addition to freeing the foot in the event of a fall, it flexes allowing a better posture when we are riding. Now what is seen in high-competition contests are stirrups with very wide soles and that is what gives them security, since it is impossible for the foot to slip inside the stirrup since they are not only wide but their sole is very rough so that the foot can barely move.

High-end riding stirrups

They are commonly wide soles, which are balanced for greater comfort with a perfect balance of weights, it is rough and even includes small screws for greater grip. On the other hand, they are semi-open on the side, so that in the event of a fall and the foot remains propped up, it could be released on that side. In addition, thanks to its design and its special actions, the stirrup always faces forward, cowgirl style, so that if you lose it, it is very easy to find it and put your foot back in it.

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