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What To Do When Another Dog Bites Your Dog?

It is known that dogs sometimes get into fights if they are left unsupervised. In general, most pet dogs get through their lives without getting into a fight. But if your dog does get hurt or bitten by another dog you must clean the wound then take the dog for a medical check-up.

How to check a dog bite damage?

  • Every dog owner knows that dogs sometimes snarl at each other. Moreover, dogs growl even more when vying for the same thing. It is a prevalent scene in dog parks where two dogs fight over the same stick or a ball. These kinds of minor fights happen all the time.
  • Scuffles mostly don’t lead to wounds. But if your dog gets into a nasty fight, it is essential to inspect them thoroughly and look for dog bites.
  • Dogs can make deep punctures if they have long canine teeth. Dogs with longer canines also have the potential to tear into the skin. While looking for a wound, keep in mind the dog size that attacked your pet dog. The depth of the puncture and the number of holes depends upon the attacker’s size, location of the bite, and the force of the dog’s bite.
  • Full mouth bites are when a dog bites with all of its teeth. These bites are rare, but the wound can be dangerous if anyone gets a full mouth bite. When a dog chews with the entire jaw with a good grip and applies full force, much damage can happen. Dogs have large carnassial teeth that help in shearing and cutting food. You don’t have to look hard to find these kinds of bites.
  • Necks, legs, and ears are the typical location for injury. Wounds in the ear can bleed excessively. Bites inside the thick fur are always hard to find, and you might not see them until the dog starts limping.

How to clean a wound?

  • When you find a bite wound, it is essential to wash it with slightly soapy water.
  • Gentle running water is best in this kind of situation.
  • A washcloth can also be used as an alternative. First, get the washcloth drenched and then squeeze it over the wound.
  • This cleaning procedure will reduce the chances of infection.

Inspecting the wound and cleaning it gently are two things pet parents need to do before taking their pet to the vet for medical attention. Ensure you take the dog for a check-up even if the wound is small, to eliminate future health emergencies.

Taking care of pets can sometimes be heavy on the pocket. To make the process simpler, there are many pet insurance companies worldwide where pet parents can buy pet health insurance at affordable prices. Investing in pet health insurance enforces monetary planning for the furry companion, which becomes beneficial in medical emergencies. If you are someone who thinks they will be benefited from insurance coverage for their pet then google the best pet insurance for your pet and select the package within your budget that meets your pet’s requirements.

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