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Who Is Responsible For Airbags Not Opening In Car Accidents?

If the airbag fails to open in a car accident, it can cause severe and catastrophic injuries like skull fractures, internal organ damage, or even loss of life. numega.net The plaintiff holds the right to file a claim against the airbag manufacturer and the driver at fault who caused the accident.

Certain cases where airbags do not work: 

  • Minor frontal accidents
  •  In cases of rollovers or rear-end collisions where it is not possible to have room for front-to-back deceleration,
  •  Accidents that involve animals
  •  If the car crashes near a curb, parking block, or sign.
  •  If the car crashes into gravel, bumps, or potholes on the road.
  •  In extreme collision cases, electrical wires get destroyed, leading to failure in airbag deployment.
  •  If the bags have not been replaced after previous use.

If the airbag in your car fails to open in a mild or serious collison, it results from a manufacturing defect. Other than that, if the airbag opens when it should not, this also comes under a manufacturing defect.

Product liability and airbags 

These types of claims fall into the following product liability categories:

  • Design defects

In some instances, a product like an airbag has an inherent fault in the product’s design that causes the same malfunctioning. It is known as a design defect multiflow.me.

  •  Manufacturing defect

Sometimes, the product’s design is perfect for use, but the manufacturing process is not up to the mark as required by the design specifications. This is generally deemed an easy case to prove because the attorney can show that the manufacturer failed to follow the design requirements, creating a faulty and unsafe product.

  • Marketing defects

If the airbag or any other product was labeled improperly or the consumers were not provided the required warning labels or instructions, it is a case of a marketing defect. The consumer can file a marketing defect claim nicira.info .

When you file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or company for a defective airbag, it is necessary to prove negligence on the company’s part to win the claim. Having the right legal team by your side can help your case.

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