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Why web designers and SEOs need to know about Dwell Time

When it comes to metrics (Metrics) that many people use to measure website or SEO results, they are usually basic information such as Demographics which is often used to answer questions such as who is viewing the site, where are they What they are interested in, etc. Or in a more specific depth.

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 It may look like Organic CTR, Bounce Rate, etc., but you must first understand what each metric is used for. because of what

In this article, Maewsom will take you to delve into another important metric as usual. And I think that it is a metric that website builders should know, that is “Dwell Time”. But what is this metric, what is it used to measure, and how can I optimize it better?

Dwell Time is a metric that measures the time a user spends on a website after clicking on a particular website page. read the content contained on the website until the end time from pressing out to the same search results page (SERP) again

For example Someone searched for the word ‘Homemade Spaghetti Recipe’ and found your website. After that there is a click into the website. Keep reading the article for about 1 minute, then press exit. The Dwell Time value that occurs will be equal to 1 minute.

Difference Between Dwell Time vs. Bounce Rate vs. Time on Page

Many people may be confused by these 3 metrics: Dwell Time, Bounce Rate and Time on Page. What are the differences? Orange Cat will explain to you. But first, let’s get to know two more metrics first.

– Bounce Rate is the measurement of visitors who enter the website on only one page and then leave. Without having to click on more pages, or it could be said that it is a measure of sessions in which the user does not engage with that page.

– Time on Page is the amount of time a user spends on that page. How long do you stay? Before going elsewhere This metric is determined by two clicks: clicks that lead the user to the page and clicks that take the user away from that page.

You can see that all 3 metrics are metrics used to measure user engagement, but Bounce Rate and Time on Page are different from Dwell Time in that they do not specify whether the user has returned to the SERP page or not. too

How important is Dwell Time to a website?

Since Dwell Time is one of the metrics used to measure the engagement effect of the people who visit the website. Therefore, it is the part that helps tell the website owner that Is the content on the website interesting and valuable for users? including pages A website has enough links to lead people to other pages. enough or not or when searching from the Search channel, then press to return to search other websites immediately

What should the average Dwell Time be?

The average Dwell Time will depend on the type of website and content. Usually it is about 30 seconds or in a good average is 2-4 minutes because users will be able to read or learn content on the website during this time. And still doing good content, Dwell Time will take a very long time. This indicates that the content, design, or experience of something on the site may not be as good as it should be.

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